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logo design portfolio

InterOcean System logo


InterOcean System identity

Logo Usage and Clear Space

InterOcean System identity

Color Palette, Typeface, and Secondary Element

InterOcean System identity

Stationery and Folder

InterOcean System identity

Website and Signage

InterOcean System identity

Concept Sketches

InterOcean Systems

A logo design and identity system proposal for InterOcean Systems located in Southern California. The identity system consist of the logo, logo usage, typography, color palette, secondary elements, folder, stationery, website, and signage.

Vein Therapies of Chattanooga logo

Vein Therapies of Chattanooga identity

Vein Therapies of Chattanooga

Vein Therapies of Chattanoogo is a vein practice specializes in treating vein diseases like varicose veins and spider veins. They needed a brand new logo and stationery design to represent their professionalism and experience in vein treatment.

JB&B Jewelers logo

JB&B Jewelers business card

JB&B Jewelers

JB&B Jewelers is a mid end jewelry store in Los Altos Hill. They needed a fresh and contemporary logo for their new business that taylors toward their young to middle age audience.

Tune Dynamics logo

Tune Dynamics

Tune Dynamics is an auto repair shop in Lawndale, CA. The needed a new logo design that communicates their business type and style.

Bay Area Volleyball logo

Bay Area Volleyball

Bay Area Volleyball is a small group of volleyball players in San Jose who opens volleyball tournaments that are affordable through out the years .

Sierra Vein & Vascular Institute logo

Sierra Vein & Vascular Institute

Sierra Vein & Vascular Institute is a vein practice specializes in varicose vein treatment. They needed a sophisticated logo that conveys their type of business and professionalism.

Cascase Vein Center logo

Cascase Vein Center ientity

Cascade Vein Center

Cascade Vein Center is a vein practice specializes in varicose veins and spider veins treatment. They needed a logo and stationery design that communicate their experience and professionalism.